What is Better Together? How did it get started?

Better Together started as a way for students to lead interfaith dialogue on campus and engage in social change through dialogue. Though other campuses have different models for their Better Together organizations, this is what we thought would be most effective on Davidson’s campus. We at Better Together Davidson focus on conversation across religious groups to build community and support diversity.

Our mission is to connect students and faculty of various faith perspectives to create a community of trust and shared knowledge.

Better Together was originally started by the Interfaith Youth Core and was brought to Davidson College by Kaela Frank while she was a student here!

For more information about the Interfaith Youth Core, visit their website! https://www.ifyc.org/better-together

How Can We Help YOU? 
Part of our mission is to support religious groups on campus. We are open to helping any and every religious group here on campus! Please contact us if there is anything we can support your group with! Email juburkley@davidson.edu for inquiries.


Who is involved now? How can new people get involved?

Better Together currently has seven wonderful members, but we are always welcoming people who are interested and want to get involved! If you are interested in becoming a member of Better Together, email Julia Burkley at juburkley@davidson.edu!

Our Current Members!

Elizabeth Welliver

Religious Studies Major

Class of 2016

I was drawn to BT as an opportunity to form community with individuals whose worldviews and faith convictions took a very different form than my own, and whose questions challenged me to articulate my own sacred values. It has been a gift to form friendships across a variety of religious and philosophical backgrounds in this way.

I am inspired by young women leaders of faith, like Sikh activist Valerie Kaur and Nadia Bolz-Weber, who have put their faith into action by embodying compassion and courage in social movements.

Julia Burkley

Religious Studies, Gender-Sexualities Studies double major
Class of 2018
I got involved with Better Together after attending several Meaningful Meals the spring semester of my Freshman year. The conversation and relationships that were cultivated through the diverse group of people that attended was like food for my soul, so when Elizabeth reached out to ask if I could help with an event this past fall, I jumped at the opportunity. This organization honestly makes my heart soar.
Beauty and relationships are what inspire me in life. I find beauty in getting to know people and sharing my heart with those around me. Relationships can form in a variety of ways; through sharing music, through art, and especially through conversation. The people around me are what drive me.

Sarah Fink

Religious Studies Major and Chinese Studies Minor

Class of 2018

I started working with Better Together during my Sophomore year. Julia asked if I could help with website and marketing for the club and after sitting in on a meeting, I decided I wanted to be more involved than that. I have always been interested in interfaith and loved this mission of getting people from various faith backgrounds in dialogue with each other. Interfaith dialogue is so important to our society today as discrimination because of religious beliefs becomes so apparent.  I love that we have this opportunity to get people to open their minds and understand others on a deeper level.

Morgan Mercer

Religious Studies Major and East Asian Studies Minor

Class of 2018

I joined Better Together this past fall and have loved every minute of it. When I started thinking about becoming a religion major, I realized my interest in religious studies stems from a curiosity of a multitude of religious practices. I want to help open honest dialogue between students of different religions (or no religion), and candid conversations are what Better Together does best. I love learning about the multitude of experiences that exist on this campus, and each individual’s religious belief is one facet of the experiences that have shaped them as a person. This is my favorite part of Better Together, and it inspires me to see how we are able to bring together multiple people for constructive conversations and interfaith events.

Hartlee Johnston

Class of 2019

Sana Alimohamed

Class of 2017

Hello! I’m Sana Alimohamed (pronounched Sun-Ahhh and then Mohammed Ali flip flopped). I’m currently a junior and am majoring in Psychology, and maybe minoring in Neuroscience if I turn the form in on time…I joined Better Together because faith–whether deciding that you have it or lack it or whether you’re religious or spiritual– is a core part of people’s life narratives. It is core to the environment people find themselves in and how they come to their sense of self. I’m constantly disappointed by a world that masks the depth and nuances of religions with specific stereotypes out of fear of the “other”. I love Better Together because we encourage interfaith dialogue and build trust among a community to confront difference not with judgement and fear, but with understanding and acceptance. A lot inspires me–people who are passionate about what they do and people who are kind, selfless, and persevere in spite of adversity.